Drainers and stands

Every housewife knows that it is convenient to use a special dryer to dry dishes. Such a device will help protect furniture from the damaging effects of contact with water flowing down from the cutlery after washing.

Before buying a dish drainer, you should decide on a number of nuances, which will make it easy to integrate such an accessory into the interior and use it with pleasure, performing daily operations in the kitchen working area.

What to consider when choosing a dish dryer
When purchasing such a product, pay attention to:

material of manufacture – most often chrome and stainless steel, plastic, bamboo are used. Steel is considered the most durable and easy to maintain. Plastic products are quite fragile, however, due to the wide variety of colors, they can serve as the best solution to complement the design concept of the kitchen interior;
configuration – 1 or 2 tiers and the distance between them, constructive purpose for a particular type of tableware;
dimensions – the correct dimensions will ensure the possibility of placement in the planned place, and also allow you to dry the required amount of dishes;
placement features – built into headsets, for roof rails, tabletop.
The price of a dish dryer is determined mainly by the material of manufacture and the complexity of the configuration.

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